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 Ontario, Canada

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A Virtopsy is a Virtual Autopsy, that is, a post-mortem CT scan conducted using the latest in digital imaging technology.   A  CT (CAT) scanner is used in place of a scalpel to see inside the body.  It is a dignified and non-invasive way to determine cause of death and other contributory conditions in the decedent.

We use a proven and patented analytical approach.  The result is a thorough analysis that that reveals the cause(s) of death and  other pathologies along with a full set of 3D images that reveal the inner tissues that are a yours for posterity.

This is a private autopsy service and is not covered by OHIP.   The process is fast.   Scans are done within 24-48 hours and reports with 3D images available within the next 3-4 days.

For a fraction of the cost of a standard autopsy, families can at last have  answers and closure.  Now available in Ontario, Canada, 

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Virtopsy Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of , and is working in partnership with iGene Digital Autopsy, Sheffield, UK)