How do I Arrange a Private Virtual Autopsy?

The consent form requires completion and signature by the family or person(s) requesting the virtual autopsy.  

Page two of the form provides additional general  information.

VA PMCT Consent Form – fillable

Print, fill, scan or fax consent form.

Step 2: physician signature

A virtopsy requires the use of a CT scan.   Ontario law requires all CT scans to be  ordered by a physician licensed to practice in Ontario regardless of the state of the patient.  Please have the deceased’s former physician fill out a Requisition Form Fillable

Relevant medical information should be available as well to give a better result.

We can assist with this step if required.

VA PMCT Requisition Form- fillable

Please scan and email documents to,

or fax to 1 866 307 1247 

Step 3: Body preparation

Preparations are to be discussed with the funeral director.   

  • This includes placing the body in a body pouch with a plastic zipper.
  • Possible catheter placement into left common carotid artery
  • Transportation logistics

The CT scan process takes less than 60 minutes and is done within 72 hours of the initial request.

Step 4: Payment and report with images

Post-mortems requested by family are not covered by OHIP.

  • A $500 (Cdn) deposit is required.
  • Visa, e-transfers and certified cheques are accepted. 
  • Payment is due upon delivery of final report and images.  

Family is provided a post-mortem radiology report and both 2D and 3D images.

Please contact us for a price quotation.

Notice: Coroner Investigation

We do not accept cases related to coroner involvement such as:

  • suspicious death
  • sudden unexpected deaths
  • deaths as a result of violence, accident or suicide
  • deaths following pregnancy
  • deaths that occurred due to fault or negligence of another.
  • post-operative procedures
  • death while in police custody
Questions surrounding deaths with legal and coroner involvement can be addressed to:
25 Morton Shulman Ave, Toronto, ON  M3M 0B1
647 329  1320