what you need to know about:

A Post-Mortem CT Process


1 Family consent.

2.  Physician Requisition (required)

Send pages to info@virtopsy.ca or fax 1 866 307 1247

To contact us – call 416 231 4306 or click the contact button below to send a more detailed question.

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Process description

  • We will contact you and explain the procedure fully and answer all your questions.

We will then:

  • Contact the funeral director.
  • Make the necessary simple preparation and transportation arrangement.
  • Receive the body.
  • Proceed with a full body post-mortem CT scan (virtopsy). 
  • Notify you of the completion of this step.
  • Return the body to the funeral home for resumption of services.

This stage of the process takes no more than a few hours.

At no point is the body touched or marred in anyway.


The post-mortem CT scan produces hundreds of cross-sectional images.  The data is securely transmitted to our partners at iGene Digital Autopsy for analysis.   Trained forensic radiologists use patented algorithms to determine the cause of death.

The result is a detailed report that contains a wealth of information about the deceased’s last state of health and provides you with images for posterity.

The CT scan process takes approximately one hour.  The report and final images are ready a 7-10 days after.

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